Friday, February 22, 2013

My first official post

I am excited. I want my journey to mean something for someone else. The truth is I need a way to connect and make life easier for people like me. My head is busting with this idea of telling the world. “I am the mother to a child of a Special Needs person & I rock”! It is hard. Hard work. Did I say it was hard? I assure you on “D-Day” (diagnosis day) I was not smiling.  I smile now. Truth, when I am having a bad day, hit by a truck kind of day. Sometimes the sight of my son is the only thing that can turn my frown upside down. Although I once thought I could only be happy if my son “recovered”, that time came and went and I did not die, in fact I am totally at peace with my son’s path. I get strength for other moms like me. Not just the ones whose children have the same diagnosis as my son. This is a place in the web where special moms unite. Whether you get the news your child is special on the day of their birth, when they are 2, or after a tragic accident. You are in good company. There are host of angels rallying behind you to not only assist your special creation in their special form, but lift their special mom as well. Sometimes I think of myself years ago leaving the developmental pediatrician’s office with the official diagnosis in hand. I was angry and bitter. I wish I could tell that person now, Give up the grief and get out of your own way and let the miracles of this challenging life unfold into the work of art it was meant to be, I would wipe her tears and say “I know you cannot possibly imagine how, but it is going to be okay”.


Welcome Special Moms to Special Kids